Sunday, July 25, 2010

Artisan Sterling Silver Name Pendant with star constellation

Just finished a new kind of name pendant.
I made this one for my daughter Kayley.
Not only the name is stamped on there, but also
the star constellation of her zodiac sign plus her birthstone.

The pendant is 30 mm in diameter, I was hoping to use a
smaller one but I had troubles to get all the necessary stars
stamped on. I am thinking of offering that kind of pendant
on Etsy and Artfire as a custom-made piece.

Here is the back :


  1. Oh wie schön!! :-) Ich hab immer noch keine Tags..:-(
    Wußtest du daß es von Green Gate ein Notizbuch namens Sylvia White gibt?? Grad gesehen...
    GlG, Claudi

  2. Danke, Claudia. Hast du denn schon die Stempel? Ein Notizbuch, gehe ich mal spinxen *g

  3. Absolutely fantastic idea, Sylvia, and I love how it turned out. CLASSY!

  4. Thank you very much, Gail :=)