Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sterling Silver and Copper Earrings with Texture

Just finished a few pairs of earrings.

I used a disc cutter to receive nice round discs and domed them.

On those sterling silver disc I used a dremel to get the texture

Did the same with those copper ones. (I always use
sterling silver for the earwires, just don't like the
thought having copper through my ears *g)

On these discs I used a raw silk texture hammer,
before cutting and doming.

These ones came from a cuff I didn't like anymore,
the texture was made with help of a rolling mill.

All of them were lots of fun to create.


  1. Fantastic earrings, Sylvia! Love them all, but like the pattern from the rolling mill! Beautiful!

  2. Thank you, Gail. A rolling mill is definetly on my wish list for xmas *g