Friday, January 28, 2011

Guess what I got for Xmas?

I got a beautiful rolling mill from my dad, thx. Dad.

Posted Image

When time allows I play with it.

I only got a small embossing plate which is really for pmc
but it works aswell. I have ordered a proper plate from Rio Grande,
only one so far, because they are far from cheap.

Posted Image

I have tried it on copper

Posted Image

and sterling silver

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Last year I bought a really nice sterling silver ring with leaf texture.
I had heard that people used leaves on rolling mills aswell, but I didn't know
whether they used a fresh or a dried one.
I attempted some rolling with a fresh one, my Lord, that was a mess,
took me ages to clean the rolls again.
As soon as I find a nice dried leaf I will have another go.

I got some other stuff I want to tell you about but that
will be the subject of one of the next posts. *g


  1. Lucky you getting a rolling mill for Christmas. I love roller printed leaves. My metalsmithing teacher always has us sandiwch everything between a manilla file folder. That should cut down on the mess.

  2. Thank you, Nancy. I will try that next time. Great tip.