Saturday, January 29, 2011

My etching adventure continues ....

My electro etching wasn't too successful so far.
Xmas brought along a change in my technique.

My Dad brought his light box along on Xmas. He built it himself
20 years ago.Now it is mine mine mine.

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I printed a pattern on a heat resistent foil on my laser printer, I tried it
first on an ink jet printer but that proved to be a disaster from my hands,
jeans and near surroundings.

I sawed out a square from some 18 ga copper sheeting and sprayed it
with a special lacquer whilst being in a room with only red light.
Normally the lacquer has to dry for 24 hours at 20 C,but you
can speed matters up by putting it on top of your radiator in a box
or something similiar, so neither white light nor dust can ruin it.

After the drying process you have to lay it into a bowl
of developer liquid until you hopefully see the pattern
develop (still under red light *g).
Give it a quick wash and off it goes into the bowl
of an acid which is called in German "Natriumpersulfat".

I always wear goggles and gloves to be on the safe side.

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Posted Image

My etching is still not deep enough, but I am working on it.

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