Sunday, January 30, 2011

What is your favourite material

Time for another blog carnival of our SATEAM.
Today's theme is "What is your favourite material and why".
This is pretty difficult to answer - at least for me.

I guess there is no favourite No.1 material for me, there are several.

I love fine silver. It is absolutely fab to fuse. I adore the fact
that it does not turn black when heated but bears a lovely rose
shade. To me somehow it feels much cleaner to fuse/ solder it
and as a big plus you don't see a seam or solder leftovers
lurking around.

It is also more satisfying to make balled headpins with fine silver.
There are nice round shiny balls at the end of the headpins and
not some looking like golf clubs like my sterling silver headpins.

Ok, the price is a bit higher than sterling silver which is rocketeering
to the sky right now but it is easier to handle because of it being a very
soft metal. It does work harden with help of my tumbler and that
works fine for me.

But of course one can not use fine silver for every occasion.
When wire-wrapping my favourite wire is made of sterling
silver. I don't want a too soft wire but half hard.

Also when doing some hand stamping

or using silver discs to frame a bead I prefer sterling silver.

Recently I turned to copper. I want to do some copper bangles
and earrings with help of my rolling mill and etching equipment.

But I am still a newbie and still need to learn a lot.

For xmas I bought myself a copper bangle from KarlaWheelerDesign
on which pi in all (almost all hihi) its beauty is etched on.

Actually I am wearing it right now, it inspires me and motivates me
to learn to do the same kind of great etching that on this bangle.

Here some posts from other team members:


  1. I can't seem to fuse fine silver... I've tried numerous times! I do use fine silver for headpins though as the balls look so much nicer... Recently I've started flattening the balls sort of like old forged nails... that way I don't have to use a silver daisy to prevent the headpin pulling back through the hole!

    Lovely work!

    If you scroll down on my blog the proto type window that I made with roundels is there.

  2. I definately see silver as your favorite material. Your creations using it are wonderful.

  3. Your work with silver is beautiful, I love those fused hearts, so sweet and delicate as well as the disc with Gails bead. But you're work with copper is awesome, love that bangle - so cool!

  4. Thanks everybody for the nice comments.
    Lynne, if you make headpins with fine silver,simply make a really big ball then you won't need any daisies, remove the fire as soon you think the ball is going to fall off any second.
    Caron, I am afraid I haven't done the bangle myself, I wish I did :).

  5. It's a work of art indeed. I doesn't show that your only a newbie because your creations tells a lot. You know how to curved silver in the right places and come-out with "a-must" have items. As for my choice, its the fairytale necklace that catch my interest. I haven't seen this type of necklace and now I'm really eager to have this.
    Anyway, please continue posting and let us glance your new creations.

  6. I love everything you made here. Such a great amount of skill and excellent desing sense in them all. The cuff is very unique and I envy your setting around that bead!

  7. Thank you very much, BrassyBeads. But I bought the cuff, it is my "goal" to make something similiar.

  8. Very interesting to read - beautiful pictures! I love your work! Romi