Saturday, February 26, 2011

SATEAM blog carnival

Time for a new blog carnival. This month's theme is "what is the story behind
your business name?".

That is very easy to answer. Either 1999 or 2000 (can't remember :) ) we got
connected to the internet. It was advised that apart from the email address
you had with your provider which states the "real name" one should get hold
of a second email address for getting registered on sites you don't want to
share your name with.

Just having re-read "Lord of the Rings" I was going for "Galadriel" which of
course was already taken. I came up with "Galadryl" which to my delight
was still free. Ok, yahoo here I come.

Around 2005 I started with jewelry and had my first homepage via my provider.
It was for free, no own domain and I wrote it myself in html via front page,
those were the times.
Then my provider offered domains for no extra charge.....and yeehah..... was still available, I snatched it and since then it is mine :)

I don't think I ever had to think about choosing this name as a business
name, it just felt right.
This year I added "jewelry design" after the name (due to SEO recommendations)

All in all I am still happy with my choice even if my rings are not up to


  1. I'm sure Tolkien's creations would be happy to wear your jewellery! The reason my website is Fireballbeeds... is because beads was already taken! It was suggested to me that I should have spelt it Fireballbeedz then people wouldn't think that I just can't spell!


  2. My husband would like your name. He's a huge Lord of the Rings fan. And as many times as I have had to sit through them, I think I can assure you with confidence that Tolkien would be impressed with your pieces!

  3. Your work is sensational and more than exceeds Tolkiens standard, lovely to know more about you.

  4. I have to agree with Caron. Your lovely silver creations are quite elvish!

  5. I love LoTR and I instantly knew what you were going for in Galadryl...and I figured the original spelling was "taken." I felt bad but I love your take on the name. Someone suggested an idea to me which in a sililar vein, could be a hit for you... have different "lines" of jewelry with the name of the line after certain LoTR characters to convey a certain feel. :) Anyway, great blog post, and you have beautiful jewelry!

  6. What, no "one ring to rule them all"? Seriously, I love your name. It truly conveys the magical quality of your jewelry.