Thursday, March 3, 2011

A glimpse of Summer

Who else can't wait for Summer to come along? I am fed up with cold rainy
or snowy weather. To ease my winter blues I designed a necklace and
bracelet set which would surely put a smile on any mermaids lips.

The great thing about the set is, in my opinion :=) , that you can combine
both. The answer to the problem of having a nice necklace which has a
good length for a blouse or a t-shirt with a low neckline but which is too
short if you want to wear it with a high neckline.

First the necklace handcrafted with beautiful lampwork beads mady by Beadles
and lots of sterling silver. I once did a tutorial about a chakra spiral pendant.
Still liking that form a lot I integrated it into the design of the necklace.
Some starfish, tortoise (or is it a turtle, I can never keep them apart) and fish
to underline the ocean theme. A big starfish clasp which is pretty important.
You will see later why.

Then the bracelet, also with bead cages, lots of wrapping 
and an important little starfish clasp.

You wear those two pieces separately or combine them.

You use the bracelet as the bottom part of the necklace and close the 
starfish clasps on each side. Et voilà, you have got a longer necklace.

A few years back (in a magazine) I have seen two chainmaille bracelets 
plus one chainmaille necklace which could be combined to a really long 
necklace this way. I loved that idea.

It was great fun to create this set and I plan to do another one with tiger
beads plus silver beads relating to the animal theme. Let's hope the silver
price will drop again soon :(  .

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  1. Beautiful set! I love the way they connect together.