Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mixed Metal Bangles and Chakra Pendants

One week ago I read this post by Nicole from our Starving Artists Team 
and got really inspired, thank you Nicole :) 

Never tried wire bangles with anything else than silver but I am a huge fan of mixed metal jewelry.
I had the idea of doing bangles in brass and copper but not the stacking kind but entwined:

First I did a 2 and 2, 2 copper and 2 brass,
inseparatable, they are oval-shaped, hammer textured,
oxidized and tumbler polished.

This one is 1 and 3, used a raw silk hammer
to texture them.

I am not totally happy with the spot where they are soldered.
The liver of sulpher covered that a bit but it is not perfect yet.
I heard that if you put them in a pickle with a small item
made of iron the silver solder will become copper plated,
but I could not find a single small item in the house
which is made of pure iron, I will dash to the
DIY store on Monday :)
I have ordered some bronze wire as well and will try
a brass-copper-bronze bangle, either with 3 bangles
or even 6. I like them jingling and jangling.
I bought a big stash of copper wire and
tried some of my chakra pendants.

I do like the colour of copper :), I will combine
them with leather or Indian rubber colliers.
Do you remember my attempt to use a fresh
leaf with my rolling mill. What a mess that was.
I finally found a dry one and it worked nicely.

As soon as a find a smaller one I want to create
a pendant, I already got a nice design in mind.


  1. likee! Can't wait to see what you create with this...looks fab!

  2. Thank you, Gail. Probably a part of a pendant, not sure yet, it is pretty big.