Sunday, May 29, 2011

SATEAM Blog Carnival

Blog carnival time again. 
This time with the subject: My current obsession.

I must admitt that my obsession attitude is a bit like one of a 
flutterby. To my defence I might state that the materials I need 
when I am struck
by lighting/ obsession are normally only available in the U.S. and by the time they reach me I fluttered to the next obsession. 

My very current obsession is decorating jewelry with lots of headpins and tiny 3 mm - 5 mm faceted gemstones.

Luckily I bought small tourmalines sometime last year and had some 28 ga wire left to make some headpins.

It actually started when checking my circles/ activities on etsy. 
Someone added  joslinjewels to their circle, I had a look in her shop 
and fell in love with this tutorial for some gorgeous earrings .

I bought the tut and some tiny gemstones here .
Still have some tourmalines and headpins left for earrings
to match with the above pendant and hopefully by then 
my order will have arrived.


  1. I love tourmaline and I can see why that would turn into an obsession!

  2. Oh my what beautiful clusters... I love them too. In fact I made a pendant with a cluster just last night. :) They make the jewelry look bubbly and just over the top! Your tourmalines are very pretty!

  3. Love the pendant & the dangly cluster of colorful tourmaline...yours is an understandable obsession.

  4. Your current obsession is producing some beautiful work. Oh yes, I do know the feeling of flitting from one obsession to the next - so many ideas to turn into reality makes it hard to stay focused on just one thing!

  5. There is something so therapeutic about connecting tiny stones to headpins, love it and love the piece you posted - its beautiful!

  6. Thanks everyone for your nice feedbacks :)