Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In the process .... final act


Finally finished. There were some obstacles to overcome, but here
they are and they are mine ;)

First - as expected - I ran out of my supply of headpins, luckily I
had some sterling silver wire left and made some more with my torch.

Then there arose the question of the earwires, I loved the ones in
the tut so I used some fine silver wire to achieve those lovely balls
at the end of the wires (or the beginning, depending which way
you look at them).

Ok, I tried them on my ears, ooops, too thick (the wire, not my ears),
I used 18 ga wire. Didn't have any 20 ga fine silver wire and
strangely couldn't find any with any of my suppliers either.

Then I tried 20 ga sterling silver wire, that one did not ball up for me
at all, the wires looked more or less like golf clubs :(

Third attempt sterling silver wire, different design, tried them with
the earrings, but it looked too big, tried a smaller version, didn't like
it either.

Still had some nice post earrings with a little ball available, but it
simply looked odd, design wise, having a ball on top for a ball
(center of the earring itself)

I settled for "normal" leverback ear wires and finally was pleased.
Here some of my try outs :

To show you both earrings on a model,
here is Arwen (does your model bust have a name as well ;)  )

My fresh headpin supplies and some yummy tourmalines arrived
the other day...can't wait for the next round.

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  1. Beautiful earrings! Very nice select of colors!Freshy, candy... I love them! Also the Blog refresh is fine. I love this pictures of nature and the top showing your jewellery!