Thursday, June 16, 2011

Recycled Copper Bangles with Hand Stamped Pendants

Since last week I got a new treasure in my ever growing treasure
box, sometimes I feel like Dagobert Duck ... mine mine mine.
My dad who is an amateur radio operator (I hope that is the
correct term) has re-newed one of his areals and asked around
who would be interested in some 13 ga copper wire. I bet you
heard me hollering ... me me me.

Now I am the proud owner of 100 feet copper wire. Yeehaw.

Me being in my "bangles phase", did a set of 3 bangles, soldered
and hammered.
But not enough :)
I cut out 3 copper discs, hand stamped them and attached them
to the bangles with a bronze jumpring.

I love the result. Their only disadvantage is that you can't sneak up
on somebody when you are wearing them.
They jingle and jangle  ;)


  1. Thank you, Gail. I love the jingle and jangle.