Sunday, June 26, 2011

SATEAM Blog Carnival

This months' theme of our blog carnival is whether and how we use other artists' creations in our designs.

A few years back I have written a tutorial called Cosmos Pendant.

I had bought a beautiful moon focal from my friend Gail,
It inspired me to try and give it an appropriate frame.
I liked the result so much that I wrote a tutorial about it
which Gail was so sweet to proof read for me.

Apart from that I used to buy lots of lampwork beads and created necklaces and bracelets with them.
When seeing beads I have to have that certain spark or idea to say,
yep, I can picture them with other components in a nice jewelry piece.

here a few examples:

Most (or all??) of the Hill Tribe Silver components and pretties from
Bali are handmade by other artists (silver smiths) I love to
incooperate them in my designs as you can see in the above pictures ;)

I guess written artists' work are components as well:

I use tutorials i.g.  this one from JoslinJewels and made those earrings:

and after reading "Silver threads" by Jeanne Rhodes-Moen (great book),  I created those:

 There was a second one too, but I never took a pic of both of them :)

Sharilyn Miller's "bead on a wire" inspired me to this bangle

I love using other artists' components to make a jewelry piece.
It is like a big puzzle which makes a jewelry piece so very unique.

Have a read how other team members think about this :


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  1. Love your wire work! It really sets off the lampwork beads beautifully!


  2. Incorporating other people's work with your own has resulted in stunning results!

  3. You make awesome work of those lampies and Hill Tribes beads. I did not mention the use of tutorials in my own post, but I really should have, they certainly count in this subject.

  4. Beautiful work, Sylvia...your use of other people's designs is inspiring...

  5. Your Cosmos pendant tutorial is an old favorite and helped me learn to frame. I like that you mention books and tutorials as using others intellectual work. The Silver Threads book is one of my favorites. I don't solder but use many of the filigree forms taught within it in wire work.