Saturday, July 23, 2011

SATEAM Blog Carnival

Another blog carnival with our SATEAM.
This month's subject is "do you name your creations?"

Yes, I used to. But due to a few reasons not anymore.
Here some of my "older" creations:

This one I named African Queen. I normally come up with a name
after the piece is finished. I look at it and the first name popping
up in my mind is the one.  ;)

I mostly wrote the name within in the picture. Around that time
I heard that a lot of artists' pictures were more or less stolen and
used for other purposes. I simply wanted to make it more difficult.
Removing a written name from a picture is a lot of hassle. :)

This one reminded me of a wonderful summer party on a big lawn
with lots of big white pavillons.

This bracelet was called moana. I had a phase when I used
only Hawaiian names. Moana means ocean.

I am a sci-fi fan. I do love Beadles' moonfocals.
The first sci fi book ever I read when I was 12 yrs or so
was called  "Andromeda".

The clasp reminded me of a tribal shield
of an African tribe

Can't you just see a flower fairy wearing this?

This one was called "The Woods of the Edhel", edhel is
a word from one of Tolkien's languages meaning "elves".
I am "Lord of Rings" fan after all  :)
There are a few reasons why I don't name all of my creations
anymore and never write the name in the pics.
- Pictures with names are rarely taken into Etsy treasuries or
the front page.
- I changed the way I take photos and often work on
old photos to improve them especially the lighting and 
close ups.
 It is a real pain for me to get rid of a name in a pic
pixel by pixel.
- I have been designing for 6 years now and sometimes I had 
simply troubles to come up with a name which is a shame.
A few years back a friend of mine wrote a few books about
wire-techniques and I named about 80% of her creations
in one of them which was great fun.

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  1. You commented on my blog between edits! There's some lovely pieces of jewellery in this blog! The wire wrapped moon bead is quite lovely!

  2. Thank you very much. I will check whether my comment on yours worked out.

  3. Fabulous insight Sylvia - I like how you have provided information as to why you don't name your pieces.

  4. Your names are as creative as your pieces. I especially like the references to science fiction, as I am a fan also.

  5. Andromeda is as lovely as the name.

    It's fun to name our pieces, but it's not really practical unfortunately.

    Great blog post!

  6. Hallo,
    es freut mich, wenn du auf meinem Blog Neues über den Ganat erfahren hast

  7. Great post and beautiful examples, Sylvia. I only name some of mine, when I am particularly inspired...and sometimes a name just jumps out at me.