Sunday, August 28, 2011

Travelling artists

Time for another blog carnival of our SATEAM.
This month's subject is "what do you take with you when you travel".

First of all I take my laptop with me. I am an addict I guess  :)
Need to check my emails and my shops or I get withdrawal symptoms.
Most hotels offer internet access one way or the other.

One of my jewelry books has to come along as well, normally
I take it with me in my back pack to distract myself on the plane
and to avoid realizing that I am actually on an air-plane (I hate flying).

A sketch book and a pencil in case inspiration strucks....

I would have already planed for a project I want to do on holiday
and will take the necessary tools and materials with me.

I am not a fan of laying by the pool or on the beach doing nothing
but sun bathing and listening to music. For me that is dead boring.

So I take my silver wire (maybe copper wire this year due to do the
horrendous silver prices), tools and stuff with me to the pool, grab
an umbrella and a cold drink (perhaps a pina colada or mai tai?) and
have the time of my life.

The above necklace I did by the pool in Rhodos, Greece.
It took me a week to do it. It never made it to my Etsy shop,
only in form of my shop banner.

My aunt just had a hip operation then and wasn't feeling too
well. I managed to cheer her up by adding the necklace to her jewelry box.

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Jewelry Art By Dawn


  1. Oh how talented you are to be able to do that amazing work while lounging around the pool in Greece! I would probably be too busy people watching. LOL Your aunt is a lucky lady, I hope she healed up well.

  2. I always take along a jewelry book,too. I keep a small sketchbook in my purse all the time, so if inspiration strikes, I'm ready.

  3. You're amazing to be able to make something so beautiful while poolside! I'd never be able to concentrate long enough to make a wrapped loop.

    I missed your link when I linked the other blogs to my blog post, but it's up now. You're so organized, I'd forgotten that you provided it before you left on your vacation!

  4. Sounds as if you need an extra case for all your stuff! :-D
    A beautiful "pool piece"

  5. I would forget something critical if I tried to make something like that while I was traveling... takes me about 4 trips back into the house if I try to make something on the deck to find thigns that I've forgotten! Lovely piece!