Thursday, January 12, 2012

Valentine's Heart Necklaces

Whilst the bangles are tumbling happily away in my polishing tumber,
I thought I will do something different than metal stuff.

My dear friend Gail from Beadles made some nice lampwork
hearts for me, just right for Valentine's day.

I made some fine silver headpins,

hung the hearts from pretty sterling silver bails 

and combined them with faux leather colliers with sterling lobster clasps.

Since I had made really long headpins I first coiled the ends
into a spiral which hung on top of the top part of the hearts
but some how that did not add any value to the pendant,
only impaired the beauty of the beads.
I cut them off again which was more difficult than I thought :)
Sometimes less is more. Don't you agree?!

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