Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some more earrings and new stash....

I finished 10 pairs so far. I use 20 ga sterling silver wire, flatten about 10 mm with my hammer,
use the round nose pliers to make a loop, bend it around a handmade mandrel, use my chain
nose pliers to bend the very last tip of the wire and hammer it flat (apart from the loop).
Very noisy (ask my familiy :) ) and very easy.

Afterwards 4 hours in the tumbler to work harden them (don't want them to get out of shape
when my customers use them). Et voilá... lots of ear hooks.

I will do the other 10 pairs this afternoon and can then look at my next project.

Don't you love it as well when you receive a little parcel from your supplier?

I want to start making some bookmarks, they always sell well around Christmas time.


  1. Very creative I bet you will sell lots of your jewelry. especially around Christmas time.