Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sterling Silver Earrings in the making, second pair

Being busy with the second pair of earrings...

Who else has troubles with wrapping briolettes? I hate it when they don't come out neatly wrapped.
But now I found this super duper tut, it it really does the trick.

I am on the second earrings of the second pair right now.

Sitting in the garden under an umbrella with my pliers and stuff.
Weather is fab, time on my hand.
What else could a wire addict wish for?


  1. Nice titurial! thx for that... ;) And your earrings look great!

  2. LOL, I'd given up wrapping brios as I could never get the last bit neat enough! You've certainly got the knack as they are gorgeous!

  3. Thank you, Erika. You should try that tut, it makes it much easier.

  4. Umm,, these earrings are gorgeous. The silver is looking amazing with the combination, really very beautiful pair. Nice creativity.