Monday, October 15, 2012

New Gemstone Necklaces with Sterling Silver

Since I will take part in a market with my dear friend Gail, Beadles, in November I have to hurry up and do some more jewelry.

Just finished some more necklaces....

one with quartz, crystals and pearls from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, cultured pearls, sterling silver beads and a quartz pendant with an engraved angel.

now something darker and elegant

with lots of hematite, onyx, obsidian, bronxit and sterling silver beads....

with hematite, onyx, spinel, rainbow obisidan and sterling silver beads.

Tomorrow I start with some rest for the wicked.


  1. These are stunning - I love the first one with the angel pendant - beautiful!

  2. your creations are like a mixture of medieval and modern! I love looking at them and imagining outfits to pair them with.

  3. Thank you, Carolynn. I like that medieval aspect :) Just gave me an idea for a new necklace. Thx ;)