Thursday, October 11, 2012

New textured cuffs ... in the making.... part 3

You remember the cuffs I was making.....
here they are:

But.....why does there always have to be a "but" ?

But I have to admit I always have troubles with measurements or rather recognizing them.

When I went to my copper sheet supply I saw the number 1 and mm on the label and went for that sheet. Eagerly I started cutting the pieces.

Only after they were all ready (see above) I was marvelling how easy it was to cut and form them and wondering why there was so less resistance of the metal when I tried them on.

I remembered that a few days ago I sold and sent a bangle on its way and it felt much more stable.
Not really pleased with the bangles, I love the look but don't like the feel.

Then I measured their thickness....ooops...I grabbed the wrong sheet. This was only 0.5 mm.
The "1" I saw on the label meant one metre not 1 mm thickness.

Luckily I came up with a solution. Since they are too thin and probably get out of shape easily
I will prepare more strips same thickness, same length but broader and solder the patterned ones on top of the blank ones, making them bolder and more stable.
What do you think?

I still found a little supply for 1 mm thick copper sheeting (yep I measured it this time just to be sure).
It was enough for four new bangles. They still need to be polished, but I really like them.


Already order some more copper 1 mm sheeting and some bronze too ;)

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