Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some more hammered copper cuffs

Due to customer demands (don't we just love that ;) ) I am making some more
hammered cuffs. 

1mm copper sheeting (with finger prints :) )

quickly cut into the necessary sizes...

the edges cut off and filed first with a big file
later with a flex shaft.
Afterwards annealed to make the metal softer.

Then the big hammering starts
I use two different sized ball peen hammers.

Another round of annealing.

Forming around a bangle mandrel.

Off into the pickle to get rid of oxidation.

Into the tumbler for shine and cleansing.

The seventh bangle is the one from two bangles I made out 
of a copper picture of my home town (the lower part). 
I told you about them in another post a few weeks ago.

Now the bangles are ready for their 10 minute liver of sulfer bath.
A quick rub with steel wool and off they go back into the
tumbler, each of them alone and for 2 hours.
That makes them shiny and work hardens them nicely.

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