Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Projects for the future made with copper

In the near future I want to make lots of 3 layered pendants.
Meaning for example copper  brass  copper, on top of each other, textured and riveted.

I had the idea on our holidays last February when I also came up with the textured
copper heart I showed you a while back.

Just finished a prototype ...



My original thought was to have the saw outs on the front and back to make it
a double sided pendant, like the one you see here.

But then I can only make a small bail otherwise I disturb the pattern, I also
dislike the non pattern of the middle layer, the brass one. 

Since I want to make a big prominent bail which will be soldered on , I will not saw out 
the back side but use the bail as a kind of decoration as well.

The middle layer I will either hammer or texture.

Lots to think about and try out.

I will keep you posted.... :)

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