Sunday, May 26, 2013

From copper sheeting to cuff.....part 2

Ok, next steps...

Since it is 15 ga copper sheeting I have annealed it to make it easier for me to texture it.

Normally I would pickle the piece now but since it is too long for my pickling container
I will do this later.

Then there was a great deal of hammering which I thoroughly enjoyed.
I must admit I wear something to cover my ears to muffle the sounds.
My family tells me it is VERY LOUD.

Since the piece got work hardened through all my hammering I have annealed it again.

Luckily I bought a man's bangle mandrel a few months ago, otherwise I would not have 
any idea how to handform a cuff that size.

ok roughly formed

But I am not happy yet, I measured its size, 26.5 cm and since my customer's arm 
measures 27 cm I guess it will be too large.

I am going to saw a bit off....

.... will keep you posted :)