Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thick sterling silver bangle - in the making

Got a nice custom order from a lady from Munich: a 5 mm thick hammered sterling silver bangle

Since I normally make my bangles in copper - due to the silver price (although it is going down,
 yeehaw), I will do a prototype in copper first.

copper and silver wire both 5 mm.

I sawed off 19 cm of the copper wire....

bent it, and the inner diameter is now 18 cm.

hammered it first from three sides, later the edges as well, 
so really hammering from 7 sides  :) and now the
inner diameter is 18,5 cm....

Now time for the silver wire, a bit of sawing
and filing....

.... I forgot how hard thick silver wire can be....
have to do some anealing....

and write an email to my customer to see 
whether she prefers the 3 side hammering or the 7 side one.

left 3 side, right 7 side.

... to be continued....


  1. What size saw blade do you use for such heavy gauge wire?

  2. I think it is 2/0, not sure whether you have the same type in the States. I always use the same saw blades for everything :(