Friday, August 30, 2013

New riveted copper cuffs to be ... in the making....part 1

I got a custom order to make: a riveted textured copper cuff.

Since I like to do things in batches, here we go.

4 pieces of copper sheeting, cut 3 x 18ish  cm
I annealed them with my torch, so much faster
with a big torch instead of my max flame. :)

After a quick pickling and cleaning I rolled them
through my beloved rolling-mill.
Et voilĂ .

Now it is time to measure and cut properly.

To avoid my customers cutting themselves, quickly
cut off the corners.

one is already formed, it won't be riveted but stay "plain".
The other three will be embellished with rivets.

Now it is time for a big filing session.

C u later.....

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  1. I'm fascinated with your processes and love watching the WIPs. Can't wait to see these develop!