Thursday, August 1, 2013

New textured + domed + riveted copper earrings to be - in the making part 5

I solved the mystery of the small rivets.

My little riveting tool has got two sets of handles, one for eyelet rivets and one for domed top rivets. I must have mixed them up and used the wrong handle which resulted in a smaller 

Which means I had got 10 pairs of domed textured riveted discs on my hand which 
all had a too small hole. Great !!! I was definetely not amused :(
With some sharp cutters I cut off the top rivets of the three finished riveted pairs.
Two pairs survived, one is now in my "failed attempt box".

After realizing that I also ran out of short rivets, I used a bit longer ones and added
a small spacer.

Two pairs are finished and are going to be listed. I ordered more supplies
and as soon as they arrive I will fix the other pairs and started riveting again. :)

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