Saturday, June 14, 2014

First-timer brass bangle

Another interesting custom order: a thick closed brass bangle.

I have never soldered brass before, not even sure whether that works.

Ok, let's try it out

some 50 cm long 5 mm thick brass rods

cut in 21 cm 

annealed with my torch, cleaned, pickled and cleaned again

formed over a mandrel, sawed several times to get a clean nice seem

soldered, my nice clean seem moved during soldering and is crooked :(
Sawing it open again, soldering it once again

This time more luck, another cleaning, pickling and cleaning session

hammering with a ball peen hammer, 3 rounds on 3 sides

to see the comparison with other metals
far left the brass, middle bronze, far right copper.

Now off into the tumbler for three hours. :)


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